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(upbeat funky music) – Hey, welcome to “Game the Game!” I’m your host, Becca Scott and today we are playing
“Foundations of Rome.” I have two incredible guests, let me introduce you to them. Ivan Van Norman! – Hello, Becca. (laughs) – Hello, Ivan. – Good to see you again. – You said that like a Muppet, I love it. – Hello, Becca. – Oh yeah, that was a good Muppet flop. (laughing)
– My Muppet flop. – Well, welcome back. – Thank you!
– Of course. – Thank you for having me. – And Laser Malena-Weber. – Hello! – It’s always such a delight to have you. – It’s always a delight to be here, I’m so excited to play this game! – These beautiful pieces in front of me may not be what your copy
of the game looks like because this is a prototype. There will also be a five player expansion to “Foundations of Rome,” and if you want to see
the teaser for that, find a link in the description below. Well, friends, you know how to play. And if you would like to know how to play, all you have to do is follow the link in the description below for
things like “How to Play”s. And let’s begin, Ivan! – Do I get to go? – You are first player. – Sweet, I would like to buy a building on my lot of land. – Excellent, that’s all this is about! We’re just–
– Yes, it is! – You know, Roman wannabe
senators, building plots of land. – See– – The original oligarchs. – The original, well, I have to say, I am enjoying the fact that we have a nice little grouping of
potential things happening here, so instead of doing that
one, which I just picked up, I’m gonna do this Marketplace! – You already have two together, look at you go!
– I am two to– oh no, I am, green is the
Becca, I will do the purple. – Great. – Which is Ivan, so my D4 and D5, I shall put a Marketplace down. Because that seems like prime real estate to have some victory points down the road. – Love it, now, if you
did not heed my warning and did not click on
the “How to Play” video, let me just explain that we are building different buildings on our plots of land. Each of us starts with
six plots within the grid, lots that have our color on them. We can do three things on our turn. We can either construct on those tokens, we can get a new little plot of land, a lot card, by buying one for
the associated coin value, or we can just beg the
Emperor for more coins. – Can I have more money, Rom? Rom, Rom Rom?
– There you go. – Please? – Mr. Romulus! – Becca, I believe it is your turn, because my Marketplace is built. – Mmm, yes, you’ve chosen
to build a Marketplace that will gain you coin. – You know what the best thing to do is just to build a Marketplace. The people will come, right? At least there’s a mall now that everyone can shop at. – (gasps) Ooh, it’s only
two coins to get a D7 plot, and I want it. – No, I was gonna do that! – Well, you and I both have
two tokens right near it, so– – You denied Laser the L. – You’ve denied my L for the last time!
– No! – You took their L.
– I made my own L! It’s different! (chuckling) Okay. When you–
– Get them back. – You didn’t really want
it, you wanted the G8. It’s like a summit. (wheezing laughter)
– Fine, I’ll take the G8. But, I will remember this. – No, you won’t. – No, I won’t, okay. – And the beautiful thing is
that when you’re out of tokens, which we each have two left over at the beginning of the game, then you can’t take any more deeds because there’s nothing
to mark your lot with. – Do nothing. You can do a whole lot of do nothing. – Yeah.
– When it comes to lot buying. – Speaking of do nothing, Ivan, what do you want to do on your turn? – Oh, I think I’m probably gonna… I don’t have enough
money to do what I want. – Well, ask Daddy Romulus!
– Ask Rom? Daddy Rom for more?
– Daddy Romulus, some money? – Hey Rom, can I take the car out? I wanna go to E something. I think instead what I’m going to do is ask Daddy for more money. Yes, excuse me, Rom, can I
have some please, thank you. I got my five and since I have
no commerce buildings out, I do not get any additional
money at the moment. – Blah!
– I’m good! – (retches nervously) I’m
going to build a building. Oh geez.
– Build that building. Oh geez, I’m gonna
build an L-shaped one on my C, D area over here. Now, I’ve got two L-shaped
buildings to choose from. One gives me population
and one gives me more money when I ask Daddy Rom for money. (sighs) I guess I’ll go
with the money early. That makes sense. Here we go! – Oh oh oh oh, yeah! See, it would have been a lot better had it been a lot more
connected to the Marketplace. (laughing) Just letting you know. – That’s right, your Marketplace
gives you two VP for each commerce-related building
adjacent at the end of each round. – And I got that big plot of empty land between whatever you just built, which is, what is it, what’s it called? – It’s an Artisan Forum! Come, show your wares
(squealing) and we’ll show you how
you could have done it slightly better, how
we would have done it! – There’s window shops on window shops! – I will tell you, I came in here today planning to pit the two
of you against each other. – Oh!
– Oh, okay. Not hard to do. (laughing)
– And then pick up the debris. – There’s legacy there! – I have already decided to throw that out and I’m gonna just straight
up go for Becca’s throat. – Oh!
– Ooh! – That also has precedent. – I’m starting to surround you. I’m surrounding you, I’m taking this plot. I am mad that you took the piece I wanted and I’m going for it. – Joke’s on you, because I would love to be surrounded on all
sides by you, Laser. – Oh, stop! – It’s like a big warm crushing hug! (laughing)
– Yeah! It’s like my bedroom where every wall has a poster of your face. (laughing)
Oh, did you not know that? – So, on that note, I think
I’m gonna buy A3 for $4, since Becca made it cheaper. – On the note of stealing
things from Becca… – Crushing hugs! Is what we’re doing.
– Oh okay, I thought you guys would be playing for yourselves so I didn’t realize I needed
to go for that real fast. – Nah, I’m fine, I’m in a good place, so. My rage has simmered over the years. – So let me get this straight. You’re both going for just my throat. – No, absolutely not. I’m going to win. – I’m going for your throat. – Okay, okay, got it. – Yeah, great.
– Got it. Okay, interesting. – I mean, it was technically
a good strategic move for me, but I’m gonna say– – Oh, and to be fair, you’re right. That may look like I was
going for your throat because I blocked your three pathway, because it’s just really good land. – Mmhmm. – So that wasn’t a direct
dis on the E3 in the G3. – Interesting. – It has a view of the… – Of the Marketplace!
– Yeah. – I see, I see what
you think you’re doing, but really what you did was you got me going for your throat! (laughing) Gosh, it was such a good card for me! (pretend screaming) – You should have bought it then. – I couldn’t afford it at that point! (laughing)
Okay. I’ll just take money. (laughing)
– Okay, great! – I get seven! – That’s right, ’cause
you got extra monies. – Okay. I don’t know what to do. – Excellent.
– I done it. – You did a great job. I’m very proud.
– Thank you! – I am going to build a little money house right here. – Oh my gosh, you have a money house. – Yes, ’cause I was gonna build a building but I don’t actually have
any more reserve-y things. What are these called? – Tokens, they are
called ownership tokens. – I don’t have any more ownership tokens so I had to build a building! – That’s fair, yeah, that makes sense. – Cool, you know what,
I’m feeling pretty good since no one’s taking advantage of the giant galleria that
I’m putting out there, I think I’ll just do a minor Market (grunts) right here. – Brilliant. – Where you suckers are laying
out a bunch of cool stuff. – That made a lot of sense. – Yeah.
– Good move, good move. So nobody’s made the market
any more interesting. I’m just gonna start
buying stuff that’s cheap. A6 is mine, now! – I did want that, so
I am mad at you again. (laughing) – Okay. – Here you go.
– Noted. – Now, you get to have your revenge in form of either
– Oh, it’s my– – buying land or building buildings. – It’s my turn again! – Yeah!
– Yeah. – I love that about me. (laughing) – I’m going to take money. I get six. – Wow! Ivan? – I’m gonna buy cheap land! Gimme that A8 if you so
kindly, and I will… – I’m taking your piece
and I’m putting it on A8. – Thank you. – Ooh!
– All right, go ahead, Becca. – I can afford B4 and it
is next to something else I own, so I will pay four for B4.
– For the B4, aha! – And… It’s mine! – I have bought a lot of land and none of it is next to each other. – Well…
– You have lots of little plots. – You have lots of tiny plots! – Tiny, tiny, pun plots. – Okay, I don’t have any
plots next to each other, I’ve noticed, so I am
going to start doing this and hope nobody notices. – You have paid… – One too many. – Paid for A2, huh? Interesting.
– Oh, this was a mistake! I’ve made such a mistake!
– A3 is right there. – Okay, great, excellent. – It’s really tempting to snag that A3 because it’s just there, and it’s cheap and it’s available. – Go for it, I don’t even
have a reservation token. – But to be tot– – Oh no, you have to– They have to build something before you get
– Oh, you’ve gotta – the tokens back.
build something, yeah. That’s part of the bit, huh? – Yeah.
– But you know, I do think it’s just, ugh! Mmm mmm mmm, I just want
people to build things so I can build around them. Is what I want. So I’m gonna do a play here. – Do a play! – Ooh, a play! – Ah, it’s going to be Hamlet! And it’s going to be in this tiny hamlet that I’m going to, or my domus. Excuse me.
– Cute, cute. – Way to use your domus! (laughing) – Gimme a population, if you please. – We’ll count them up
at the end of the round. – I gotta be rude. Just for fun. – You’ve gotta be rude, it’s who you are! – Rude, rude! – It’s a game! – Let’s see what this–
– No! – Oh look, there’s a B2 now! Isn’t that interesting. You wanna put a token on that A3? – Oh, thank you. No, my baby, not my baby! It costs you 10 points to take– – I was gonna say, that’s
gonna be expensive. – Okay, okay, I’m sorry, here
we go, I’m gonna build this. It’s a thing that gives you points for being near other buildings. – Yeah!
– Whoa! – That seems important in the context of this game.
– Yeah, it is important. – You’ve already got two points! – It’s a fountain, haha! – And you saw my secret future plans. – Future plans! – Okay, Ivan.
– Senator Ivan. – Cheap land is good land. How about we get a H1, if
you would hand it to me so kindly, thank you so much.
– That’s half of a virus! (laughing) – It’s half of one. – Alrighty, I’m just gonna money it up with a little favor from my… – From your boy Rom? – Daddy Rom, so. – From D-Rom.
– I’ve got five as default and two more for my fancy Artisan Forum. – Oh, I have great news, everyone. I can build a lot next to
another lot I own, it’s D1. – That’s amazing!
– Nice. – I’ve finally done it,
I’ve played the game. That made you so mad all of a sudden! – No, I’m not mad at
you, I’m mad that we are, oh, we gotta buy the whole lot
before the round ends, right? We have to get all these out. – Yeah!
– Okay, cool. I was like this is– – Round’s not over. – This is real, getting real tight for me. – Yeah well, we’ve got one card
left in our round one pile. But we still have six cards
to buy before the round ends. – Then how about this? I love everything that’s
happening at H7 right now, so I think I’m gonna get H7. – Ooh! I see.
– Ivan’s going for H, it’s working, it’s a very effective move because it’s very far away from me and I don’t wanna lean that far. – Interesting. I am paying two coins for
A5, it’s a very happy place. – That’s a lot of green groupings. – It’s a lot of green groupings! – Okay, Laser? – Oh okay, all right okay, ha. I am going to build a building. – Building!
(singing wordlessly) – It is a pottery studio
and it goes right there. – Beautiful.
– Sweet! And Laser, you just built
this one that gives you one coin every time you gain income? – Yes, I want more money
because I need more money to buy more lots, so that’s why
I built that pottery studio. You can buy my beautiful pots. – I will. – My beautiful pots!
– Excellent. – Beautiful pots! What I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna build another domus which is another population
on the other side of town. If you could put me on A8
there, that would be wonderful. – I’m gonna move your population. – Get that money!
– Move that pop up. – So you can buy H6. – If you can pop me up with another pop. To two pop.
– Two pops! It’s my turn. – Yes, please, go. – I am building a civic building. In our prototype it’s
called a Municipal Building. – Yeah?
– In B4, in C4. – That’s not commerce! – It’s not, which is what you want, but is a generic building
which is what Laser wants and my building says three
victory points for each other civic building,
– Municipal building. – Which is the brown ones. – So that worked out
well for if you’re me. – Yeah, ’cause there’s two
other municipal buildings. Oh wait a minute, these
can considered municipal? – Yeah. – Oh! – Yeah.
– Oh! – I got lots of points. – Oh, that’s points, baby. – Lots of points.
– Oh, that’s points. I’m gonna ask
– That’s six points. – Romulus for some money
and he’s gonna give me five plus two which is seven. – All right, I’m asking
for D-Rom for money, because I’m broke, but
I think I just get six. – You just get the five
because this gives you one victory point at the end of each round for each commerce building
next to it, which is gonna be– – It’s just two. – Two.
– Yeah, at the moment. All good! – B5, (gasps) B5, I love B5! – No no no no.
– No, I love B5! I’m gonna pay six for it. – I just got money to get it, though. – Oy oy oy! Oy oy oy! – Oy oy oy! – And that is all. Oh, except for claiming my ownership. – I would like to buy B2. – Okay, get that B2. – Vitamins are important. – It’s so important to get your vitamins. – I appreciate you making
D6 so much cheaper, because I really want that D6. – Yeah.
– I also wanted D6! I wanted a lot of things. – You don’t get coins, you pay coins. Did you have any coins to pay? – I had four to pay. – Perfect. – Yes, D6. – But Daddy Romulus had given you five. – It was only four. – Yes, so you should have one– – I should have one coin left, woof, okay. I get this D6 cookie. – Okay, it’s my turn and I
will build population here. – Build that population. – Oh no! – It does give you one more point, Laser. (frustrated yelling) – I thought I was doing so
good on the pop front, and… – Pop pop!
– Becca popped it. (laughing) – That’s an Insolai. – That’s an Insolai, indeed, it is. – I wonder what this word translates to. – I believe… No, I don’t know. – It’s a solarium, I’m gonna say. People will sunbathe in there. – Oh, there’s lots of sunbathing,
except it’s all covered. There’s a little spot right there. – Yeah, okay, there’s
one place to sunbathe. – One place. – I’m gonna build F7. (gasps) – Okay, taking that F7. – Okay, there’s one
card left in this round! (knowing hums) – Thank you so much. – Ooh, what a good plot for you! – I agree, I started out
a little slow this round, but I’m still proud of myself. – Now, I should mention that as soon as that final H6 card is taken, then the round is almost over, but each person gets one more turn in which they can’t get a new lot card but they can build
something or gain income. – That is good to know! – I think that influences
my decision heavily. Because… I would like some freaking commerce. So let’s get a bakery in here. On my new D6.
– Nice! – Mmkay. – Get a bakery. – Get a bakery, okay! – You done baked! – Let’s see.
– I made my bacon. – You know what, you’ve
inspired me to also bake! – I love a good pastry! – Why do you have to put it so far away?! – Well, I purposely put it further away from the place you wanted me to put it. – I know, I shouldn’t be
making such a big deal about my sweet Marketplace,
but do you know, where’s the baker gonna put their bread? – Anywhere.
– Yeah. – Anywhere. – There’s no one to sell to! – We’re learning strategy,
which is let people fill in and then get in with that civic building when they least suspect it. – Becca, remind me, my friend. – I would love to. – At the end of this round, there’s gonna be bonus for population. – That’s correct. – How’s that gonna work? – Well, whoever has – first, your population will be
converted into victory points immediately, whatever you have, and then whoever has the most
population for that round will gain four points in round one, seven in round two and ten in round three. – Yeah.
– I am going to build this building right here. – Ooh!
– Population. – [Laser & Becca] A population of two. – Right.
– Loverly. – That is a Domus Maximus. – Domus Maximus.
– As you will see. – That is a fancy house. – Thank you! – I see what you’re doing there. Ivan! – I think I’m just gonna ask the Rom. – Get that money. – I think I’m gonna ask for the money. So I’ll take two threes for six. – I’m going to build.
– I think that’s a good idea. – Time for a little domus! – More pop! – Folks, I would like to
trigger the end of the round. (gasp)
By purchasing H6. – Wow, nice!
– All right, done and done. – Good, because that was
next to Ivan’s stuff. Ooh, it’s also next to yours! – Yes.
– Okay. So not quite done with this
round, now it’s Ivan’s turn. This is your final turn of the round in which you can build
or you can earn income. – I’m just gonna laying
up with more money, so that, oops, I need two
threes to make that work, so that I have great spending
capacity on the round two. – Yeah, you’re supes rich over there. – I’m gonna replace this here F3 with a a coin factory, as they say. Oh sorry, it’s a bakery. – I’m going to end the round by building a little ooh gosh, I just, it just feels like there are so many options. I am going to build a pottery studio, because again, everybody loves my pots and to give me money for them. – Yeah!
– So. – It’s more of an ancillary location for your other pottery studio. It’s like right down the street. – Yeah well, there are two
potters and they’re in love. – Aww! – And they make each other pots. – Why aren’t they working
in the same pottery shop? – They can’t, they’re
from different families! (laughing)
– It’s a forbidden love. It’s a forbidden love. And that will also give
me money in the future. – All right, and that future… – Is now. – Is. Yeah. – Sorry, I had to cut in there. – No, it was good, it was good! Okay, so let’s first check on population and earn those points for those peoples. So Ivan, it says here two and you’ve got two. Me here, I got… – The four. – The four and the one. – Oh, and the one, so the five. – Yeah, and then Laser,
you’ve got little twosies hiding somewhere, where’s your population? – Right there.
– There she blows. – There she blows, should I
put those points on the board? – Yeah!
– So two and two, and then Becca gets si- actually nine! – That’s correct, so
we each get VP equal to our current population and
then whoever is in first gets four points in the first round, and I will take them!
– Yeah. – All right, next up,
let’s earn some money based on our commerce buildings. – Great.
– So count up your commerce buildings and then announce
how much cash you’re taking. Ivan? – I’ve got one commerce building. – Cool, so you get the one coin. – One coin!
– I shall take what color, I take two coins
for this here Artisanal Forum. They make beer in there, craft beer. You get a lot
– And you also have of money, Laser. – You have these two little…
– Oh, thank you! I have two more little
ones because I had a plan. – It was a great plan, I have three. I have one, no, I have
two, one two three, three? So I am going to take three. – Because pottery!
– I have two potteries and a bakery. – Awesome.
– Yeah. – Now we’re gonna gain some
Victory Points based on our civil buildings, civic buildings. I keep saying civil and I
meant civic all this time. Ivan, you get get two points because of your little commerce building right here. – Right. – Nobody else helped you out, so two VP for purple. – For purple, and then I get one for each one of the commerce buildings that is next to this one. – So two more! – So two more.
– That’s six. I shall take six points for– – Six points.
– Yeah! – All the municipals. – I get three Victory
Points per other municipal or other civic building next
to this one, which is two. So that’s victory points 15.
– 15! – Wow. – Laser, this one gives you
one VP per adjacent building which is one, two, three, four, well done. You are now at six as well, and the rules say adjacent buildings, I have interpreted that to mean orthagonal and not diagonal. – Yeah, that makes sense.
– We’re all good with this? – There’s no diagonals that are in place in the game anyway,
everything’s orthagonally played in the game so it makes sense to me, too. – Cool, all right so, that
is our points for round one. – Okay! – And let’s deal out round two. – Let’s get it, see what
new land is available. (laughing conspiratorially) – Who goes first?! – Oh, it is Ivan,
because it just continues where play left off. – Great.
– Yeah. I see no reason no reason at all not to buy E6 right now. (grunts) – Oh my, you could build quite a building. – I did want it. – Oh yeah. Did you think about that, Ivan? – You know what? There’s a big world out there right now, but all I care about is that
piece of land, so, Becca? – I really want A4, I
think, it feels right. – It feels right.
– You want A4? – Yeah, I could wait on it
but I don’t trust all y’all. – That’s good, trust that instinct. Do not trust us. Okay great, I am going to go ahead and, ooh, do I start with C2 or D2? I think I’m gonna start with
D2 because I want it most. – Oh, I haven’t claimed my new spot. – There we go.
– There we go. – So, grab C2, I’ll move it all down. – Grab D2, sorry.
– Oh, D2. – Yeah. (grunting) – Where’s R2? – What? – Okay.
– What? – Ivan wants that building. (groaning) – It’s very expensive.
– I could afford it, but why would I do it? (laughing impishly) I’m going to instead buy myself a turn and I’m gonna upgrade. – Here? – Yes. – D6 and E6? – What you build there,
(gasps) pottery studio? – I’m gonna go against the Webers here. – Whoa!
(laughing) – And build my own pottery studio. – Now it’s a love triangle. (laughing) – Why does it have to be a triangle? They could just all be connected. – It’s a polyamorous, wonderful pottery– – It’s a poly pot potpurri!
– Polypoterus. – There’s a lot of stuff I want, but you know what, I’m just gonna go for big bills today. We’re gonna wipe out a
bunch of my buildings here and place
– Nice! – said building. I don’t know if that’s the smart move. – But you can do it, though.
– Oh, that’s cool. So you can… – I have, yes. – It gets the plot back,
she gets the plot back because it actually stays there. – Now technically, those buildings, this is a four square building, and I replaced a three and a one, so I think since it’s individually
bigger than each of them, that it counts as a bigger space.
– It’s still four. – Yeah, it’s a bigger space. – I am going to, oh, you all didn’t buy the plot I wanted and I’m so happy, I think we should all be friends. – I thought about it. – C2? – Yes.
– Oh yeah. I feel like now my whole life
– Oh, that’s a four plot, too. – is better, and I think we should all hang out.
– I really should have got it. – Yeah, I agree.
– Oh look, there’s a C1, too. – Ivan? (groans) – All right fine, I’ll spend the eight. At least it’s a little cheaper. – You have purchased yourself a G1! Congratsmalations! Okay, can you flip a new round two card? Oh my gosh, this round is going quickly. – Oh, this is so fast,
this is so stressful! – I guess I’m gonna pay my
last three money to get B7. – Oh, B7, okay. Scoot it down. – Scoot! – I am going to get money please. – All right, grab your Rom cash. – How many commerces do you have? – I have five plus… – Six, seven, eight. Eight. – Great, thank you very much for the math. – Ivan. – Let’s bump it up! – Wow, you have displaced the domus. – The domus with a Insolai! – Interesting, it’s my
turn, but I have no money and I will take 11. – Oh my gosh, all that
money from that Foundry! – Yeah, I’ve got one, two,
three, four, five, six. – Six plus five.
– And then five to start. Yeah.
– Wow. – I know, I know. – That life you’re living! – I’m trying. – I’m going to buy E8. – I disagree with this
choice, because I want it. I want it is why. – That’s a good reason to want it. – All right, I will take
five in addition to one and that will be… – You’re taking your money! – I’m taking my money. – Okay, I’m going to make
very perhaps silly decisions. I’m going to just buy F8,
so Laser can’t have it! And I’ll take one coin in
return and then claim F8. – It’s not a bad choice.
– In the middle of this large group of all your– – Yeah, Laser’s flush with
good choices right now, so. – You have made a good choice, I think. Okay, I am going to switch this out. (gasps) My pottery studio, one
of them has given up. They fell in love with your potter. – Oh man! – And they smelted. – I’ll buy a five. If you can hand me a five, please. – Have five! Okay, I guess I want to take C1. Once again, to thwart Laser. – That’s fine. Great. I’m going to build a building because I haven’t been
doing a whole lot of that. – Okay! – I’m gonna make this population building into a bigger population building. – Nice.
– Ay ay ay! – It is now an Isola! A, that’s how you say Roman words, right? – Right.
– A. – Insolai! – I’m think I’m gonna buy H5. – Wow.
– If you could kindly. – I did want it, I did. – I know, I know.
– I was hoping. – But no! – But you know what, I
guess I want F2 more. I’ll take it! – Great, I am going to
build a market in the midst. In the midst! – Oh wow, oh wow, what a market, it gets you one VP for
commerce buildings?! That’s one, it’s me, it’s
all my stuff, I did that. Okay, interesting.
– That’s your stuff. – It’s a better market. You know, I’ve learned that you should build marketplaces after
people put things down. (laughing)
– It’s an interesting idea. – It’s a tough lesson. – So I think I’m gonna
put some population. Some more pop right there. – Geez, life is hard sometimes, you know? I’m just gonna pay. – All right. – I can’t, I tried to get
some population on the board, and I realized things just
weren’t gonna work out that way. – So then we all
– So I might as well – just get a turn.
– just end the round. – So technically, Laser
gets a turn, I get a turn, and then you get a turn, right? – That’s technically what’s happening. – That’s right, got it. – I can’t catch up with
you population wise, so I’m just gonna get some money! Becca, I’m sorry, can you
tell me how money I get? – Yeah! – I can’t see the little numbers. – You’re blue, you get one, two, three, four, five plus five is ten! – Whoa.
– Ten money! – I love money. – I’m gonna just get a tiny
bakery up on the board here, mine in this E3 spot. – Excellent. – Wow. – Someday they’ll have an
electronics convention there. Okay, I’m gonna take my monies and I believe I still get 11. – Yeah, still quite a bit. – Nine, ten, 11, the round has ended! Let us count our population. – All right.
– I believe you two have four and I have one. Unless somebody has some population– – I have six, actually.
(gasps) – You have six populations?! And I have one measly one.
– Two and four. – Awesome.
– And five actually, over there, so, six, seven,
I have seven population. – Yeah, that’s pretty good. Laser? – Yes.
– Where’s your pops? – I have four. – Beautiful. – I think that’s it, though. – So, I’ll do my one first, I’m at 16. And Laser, you get four so you’re at ten. And then Ivan, you, 13. And then you get an
additional seven points because it’s the end of round two. – Whoa.
– 20. – So that puts you at 20, so
that makes you winning, sir! – Hey, we’re all gonna leapfrog each other through round after round,
that’s just how the game is. – Wow, all right Ivan, please
collect your commerce coins. All right, I believe I get one and two. I don’t think I have a whole lot of commerce out on the board. – One, two!
– One, two, yes. – I get the six based on
five here and then one. One, two, three, four, five. And then… – It’s over there.
– Six. – Okay. What’d you get, five? – I believe so, I still can’t
see my coins, I’m sorry. – One, two, three. – Four, so four, five. – Great.
– Okay! And then now let’s score
those civic buildings. – Yeah!
– Ivan, this one. – Nothing, or just one.
– Enjoys his friends, yeah, that’s one.
– He enjoys his friend. – So one, oh two victory points. – So two, and then two
more for this marketplace. – This enjoys being next
to commerce, as well. – Uh-huh, so that’s another two for me. And I think those are my
only adjacent buildings. – And then I’ll do me. My Luxury Garden here is
gonna get me another six VP so I’m 16, that’s 22. – So you’re not far behind! – I’m working on it, and then, Laser, your municipal civic building’s blue. – Yeah.
– Loves being next to other buildings, one, two, three. – So three. – It used to be four.
– And then let’s see if you’ve got any more. – Oh, you moved away from me!
– This one, but don’t worry, you
get two more from these commerce buildings next to you, and you are blue so that’s 15. – Great.
– And then, that’s all the little brown buildings. – Oh my goodness, we’re
already on round three! I need to catch up with you kids. – So now at end of
round scoring this time, instead of getting coins
for your commerce buildings, you will instead get Glory Points. – Oh wow.
– Wow. – I took the last card, that
means it’s Laser’s turn. – Okay, we have new cards on the board, and they’re all kind
of benefiting you guys, except for the really expensive ones. But I have money, so I’m
going to buy them anyway! (laughing) – That is the right attitude. – Yeah!
– What is money if not to spend? – Can’t take it with you! – So I’m gonna go ahead and buy G5. It’s eight. Could I have G5 there, Ivan? – Yeah, G5 is for you. – Thank you so much, Ivan.
– I need you to grab the… – I will grab the thing
and hand it to you. – G2 is now out.
– Sweet move. Yeah, I’ll just put it over here. – Interesting. – All right, Becca, oh it’s me! Of course, what am I saying? Please give me H3, I
would be a fool not to. – You would be a fool! – Don’t be a fool. – Don’t be a–
– Not in our presence! Not here, in front of everyone. – And Becca.
– In front of Romulus. – In front of Romulus, who wants to, no one wants to disappoint D-Rom! – Okay, I gotta buy the thing that’s good for me and it’s cheap! For only two, a C3. And I put down, oh my gosh. – Oh man.
– I love this. I love it, I’m gonna do the G3. – Yes! Give me the H2! – You made it cheaper for him! – Yes! Thank you! – Could I have the G3 please?
– Yes. – Okay, I’m gonna build gardens on B5. – Oh, more municipal cashing ins. – I’m going to buy G2, G7
because I need it, very badly. – All right. – G7.
– G7, G7, G7. – All right, so I’m just gonna take three my five plus two for
seven, so five, six, seven. – Great. Me take G2!
– No! – Me likey G2! – It’s okay, I didn’t have
money to handle it anyway, so. – I’m gonna buy F6. And make a big, big blob of
land all next to each other. – You blobbed? – I blobbed, it’s not… I will say, it’s not a strategic blob but it is my blob and I love it very much. – That’s fair. – All the plots of land are pretty great. So I’m just gonna go with
the cheapest and get H8. – Yeah, that’s the one for you. – Claim it! – My turn. I don’t have any tokens, so
I’mma do this here upgrade. – I love that voice.
– Makes sense. – And now we have an upgrade. Laser? – I’m gonna place my Grand Insolai. – No! I was hoping you wouldn’t see it! – I have a four length. – Oh, it’s four, it’s not five? Ohhh.
– That is impressive, thank you.
– That’s good to know. – So my Grand Insolai is there now. – You are so Insolai-ted. Ivan? – I’m also gonna put
my Grand Insolai down. But I’m gonna upgrade mine from this one. I’m gonna take this spot. – Why? – You’ll see. – Ah, I see, once you’ve
converted it to smaller pegs… Fill in your tokens.
– Yeah, my two spots here. – Okay, my turn.
– No! – I’m gonna pay four coins for B3. – Oh man. – I’m going to pay four coins for E4. – Ooh! – Oh no, you took E4?! – Real city center!
(groaning) – Ivan’s turn! – Well, it seems silly
not to at least get A7 since it’s available. Yeah. – Why would you do that? – Yeah, I think that’s gonna happen. – Don’t do that. – Yeah, it’s happening right there. – But you said out loud you wanted B3 and that’s why I had to take that first. – Well, that’s cool, because
A7’s still just as delicious. – I really should have
taken the other one then. – I know. – Ay ay ay. That was the only place that my Grand Insolai could have gone! Okay, well then, I have to
take B1 for a two coiner and I’ll take a change, B1 is mine. Okay, nobody buy anything else. – I am going to build
a library right here. Hello! – Hello, library. Hello friends, library. – Hello! – I’m going to build the Presidential or the Resplendent Library right here. – Ah, resplendent. – Ay ay ay ay ay, okay, we’re gonna build a population over here, it’s an Insolai. – Insolai!
– Okay. I regret everything. – I’m gonna build a domus. Here. – What a Domus Maximus you got there! – Thank you. – I will buy B8 for three. – Ay ay ay ay ay! We’re never gonna let you build on it. – No, we’ll see. – I’m gonna build… I have a new municipal
building, it’s a market! Just a little thing. – I am going to do something anyway and that thing is build… – Also a marketplace? Then that’s gonna be a market
plaza is what it’s gonna be. – Oh wow, are we going market crazy? – We’re going market crazy. – Oh my gosh. – That is a plaza if I’ve ever seen one.
– No, I take it back. Your finger was still on it,
I take it back, I’m sorry. – It’s okay.
– I take it back, I’m take it back, I’m building
a population building. – Okay, population building.
– Yeah, smart. – I’m gonna put a library right over here. – Here? – Here. – I have no people, I
don’t care about them. Okay, I’m gonna replace… You know what, we have
just one tiny domicile and I’m really, all I want is a fountain. In fact, a majestic fountain and that is what I have done here. Laser’s turn. – I’m doing it, I’m gonna buy E2! – Oh! – You’re ending the game? – I’m ending the game.
– You’re ending the game?! – I mean, that’s smart, because I had at least,
– You now own that population. – You’re giving me at least one build, but I was hoping for one
more build after this build. – No, not for you! – And I bet you Becca had
like three more upgrades they wanted to do as well, too, all right. – I’m sad. – Would you take out that domus and I’m gonna put this Insolai there. (gasps) – That is bold, sir! – That’s what’s gonna happen. – Here’s what happening for
me, I’ve got a little library going into G4.
– I wanna see this power move. What’s this power move?
– Okay. So, you know how the civic buildings give you points based on stuff? This says one victory point for every two population surrounding
it, and I was like that means the most you can
get is two points with it! – No, per population.
– Here’s why my brain wasn’t working, there is… – There is 12, or there is actually 14. – Two giant buildings, yeah that’s 12. 13, 14, 15 populations surrounding this. – Why do you think mine’s here? And then I have my regional one here, which will give your four and your six, but it’s per one population, so that’s 10 right there as well, too. – I’m really mad at you now. (laughing) – Mine’s right there as well. – Okay, guys, oh my gosh.
(laughing) Quit it! I thought of this. – We have a very well educated population. With tons of libraries.
– I get why we had you both on this episode,
it was for a reason. (groaning)
– Well, good. I believe, Laser, you get
your final bid, right? What’s that big thing
– Oh my gosh. – you’re putting there? – I’m going to lose miserably.
– I am replacing… – What, the pottery?! – The pottery with an Artisan Forum! – What?! – That’s like extra.
– I have replaced my pottery studio with an Artisan Forum. I am happy to tell you
that all of my potters have moved into the Artisan Forum and they’re living
– Yay! – blissfully together. – They have a commune! – Yes.
– The lovers upgraded their little pottery studios.
– I hope they all get along together though, because
if someone breaks up, it’s gonna be weird. – No, they have a contract.
– They go poly, it’s cool. – They have a…
(laughing) – They have a love contract.
– Love contract, got it. – Love contract, I mean,
that’s what marriage is, let’s be real. Okay, did I win? Let’s tabulation our population first. And you know what, I thought
of an easier way to do this. – You wanna just count here?
– Look at the board in front of you!
– Yeah. – So Ivan, how many
population pieces are missing? – So I currently have 12 population off my board that is on there. – Impressivo. Okay, Laser. – I think I have 13. (laughing) – That’s a little, that’s a little rude. – How about you? – Just eight, just a measly eight. – An eight, oh man, Laser got it! Got it, I thought I
had it, but you got it! – Got you by a domus! – Yeah, got me by a domus.
– One domus. – Okay, I’m gonna first
give Laser 10 points for ease of counting.
– Yeah. – You’re at 25, and then we’ll give you your other 13, so that’s
another 10, one, two, three, 38. – Yeah, I think– – Ivan, you’re gonna get 12, so that’s, we’ll pop you up 10, 11, 12,
and me just a measly eight. So I’ll go 10 and back two to 32.
– That’s right. – Okay, that’s population,
now let’s do coinage which now translates into Victory Points, Glory Points in this game. Let’s do it based on
what’s in front of us. Now don’t count the VP
that’s on your board yet. We’ll get to that. Just your commerce and
not your civic buildings. – So I’m looking at two for
me, just on generated coinage. – Generated coinage is two for purple. That’ll put you at 34. For me, oh, we got a Foundry,
we got an Artisan Forum, that’s gonna put me up five
more in the green situation, so to 39, okay, how
many commerce buildings? – I have six. Coins.
– Six. – For realsies?
– Six coins worth. – Oh yeah, ’cause your Foundry. – A Foundry, an Artisan
Forum, and a bakery. – Nice!
– Yep. – Yeah, what’d I say
about the crushing thing? – Crushing it.
– So 38 to 44.
– To 44. – For maximum suspense, I will go first in tabulating my remaining victory points, so first up let’s look
at my civic buildings. Okay, as green, I have two VP for every adjacent municipal building for this is two, four, six for green, 45. And this is three points for every adjacent municipal
building, which is one, two three, four, five times three is 15, so,
– Wow. – 10.
– 60. – 60. – Wow, geez.
– That’s a good building. – Yeah, I planned. That’s why I made these smaller. One for each commerce building next to it, that’s one, two, just
a measly little dink! And this one gets one VP
for every adjacent building, so that’s one, two, three, four, five. Okay, 62 to 67.
– 67, right. – And that’s all the green civic buildings.
– You should also do your library over here. – Yeah, so in this little library here, it’s one point for every two population points surrounding it,
so six and six is 12 plus two is 14, 15 divided by two, I assume we’ll round down. – So, seven.
– So, seven. Three plus four, and that’s 74. – Math. – And then while we’re at it, let me just grab these
other victory points on the faded out
– Oh, right. – bronzy side, which I
have five from the Foundry and three from the Artisan Forum, so I’ll just take another ocho. I’ll go ten and back two. – Wow, Foundry’s worth a ton. – Okay, for ultimate suspense, I’m gonna ask Ivan to go next. – All right, let’s see, I’m gonna go from my top to bottom on my realm. So I’ll start with my Resplendent Library. I’m in a similar situation,
although this one allows me to get, that’s not population, so it’s just 10 victory points
because it’s 10 population. – Oh wow.
– Incredible. – You are purple, you are now at 44.
– So I’m caught up! – Tied with Laser. – And in a similar situation
here with my regular library, I have 12 but that gets
cut in half to six. – Up to 50.
– You can get me there. The market, yes, so the
marketplace is there but it’s just the two that
are a part of the commerce. – Yeah, so two more VP. – It’s two more VP and I think I just get my standard two in here, which means I am far from the winner on this one. – Hey!
– ‘Cause I think that’s it for me, I’m just– – We’re learning we’re being misled by what it seems like is happening. (laughing) – Yeah, so much so. – And that municipals–
– Municipal city is worked well for me. – When you make a city hall area, it tends to work pretty well. – It does, especially if you’re the hot dog cart on the corner next to it. – Okay, Laser!
– Concentration of power. – Your board looks pretty empty, which means there’s lots of
points to be counted here. – I think, I don’t know, so
let’s start with my library. – This one.
– Which is right there. – This one, right? Oh, that’s your domus.
– Let’s see. – It’s here! – So you’ve got six, 10, 12. And that’s not population, so that’s– – So six points. – Six points.
– Six points for that guy. – So 50. – Okay, and then I had a fountain. (gasps)
– And then where’s your… – You have a fountain?!
– I think it’s right here. – I didn’t do any fountains. – Okay, one for each building next to it. – So that’s just four. – Correct, for blue. – And then I had a market, which is here. – Which is touching
two commerce buildings. – Two commerce buildings,
so that’s just two. Okay, so. – And then do you have the bronzy points? – Yeah, I just get eight points for that. – Oh, eight points, yeah. Still killed!
– 56 to 64. – Dang, Becca, you destroyed us. – Destroyed, by like at least ten, call it 18 point difference. – I mean, that’s what Rome is all about, it’s about creating government
and really showing– – And stabbing your friends in the back! – No!
(laughing) – Yay, you set me up for that. You know, I think this
is all comes back to how I played Brutus in college. (laughing) – Just scaling it all
up to one career path and that is right here at the moment. – I really thought
neglecting population and was gonna be a hindrance, but hey! – It came out. – All about those municipal centers. – This one, this fountain,
amazing, all of that. That was the clinch,
because you’re talking about an 18 point
difference, that’s seriously three, six, nine, 12, 15. Just that one building is the one that gave you the massive lead. – I love you guys, thank you for playing “Foundations of Rome” with me. It was such a pleasure as always to have you here.
– Absolutely! – Whee! – Please shout out what you’re up to. What are the Double Clicks doing? – Oh, we have an album
called “The Book Was Better” and we have a podcast called “You Should Write a Song About That” coming out every week, so check us out! – Awesome, Ivan, what are
you up to, secret things? – I’ve got secret things,
but when this video drops it probably should be easy to tell you that the “Altered
Carbon” role playing game is going to be featured on
Kickstarter January 20th. – Heck yes.
– And it should be going out and I’m super excited
about that, but yeah, doing a lot less camera work and doing a lot more making games work, but it’s super fun. – Love it, all right well, thanks so much for watching “Game the Game,”
we’ll see you guys next time. Bye! – Bye! (funky upbeat music) (bouncy music)

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  • January 16, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Great play-thru! A quick rules note for those watching as Becca and crew were working with an earlier draft rulebook. The Civic buildings that gain for adjacent (orthogonal) Population or Commerce gain VP during scoring based on the values of the buildings that apply. For example Ivan would have received 3 points for his Market in round 1 instead of 2

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    Can't wait to get this on my table!

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    I’d like to note in final scoring Becca mixed up her and Ivan’s pieces when it came to VP’s Becca is Green, Ivan is Purple. Ivan should’ve scored 4 more points than he did, and Becca Should’ve scored 4 less. Didn’t matter in the end, but it’s definitely worth noting.

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    I'm getting Alhambra vibes.

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    It just hurts my soul a little bit as a History major when they're talking about Romulus as a King and then the Senate. The time of Kings was so terrible for the Romans that during both the Senate period and Imperial period the worst thing you could call someone politically was King.

    With that said minor gripe, the game looks really fun!

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    Third round tallying up, did the players get switched? :S I saw becca count her population points with purples, the green for ivan.

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    Thank you for giving the quick rundown for those of us who don't watch the "how to play". The how to plays generally spend a lot of time talking about how to set up the board and I am never gonna play the game. I am just here to watch you play it. So I appreciate when you explain it to us. Thank you.

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    This game looks deceptively simple & a lot of fun to play.

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    An insula (plural: insulae) was an apartment building.
    (BTW, orthogonal, NOT orthAgonal.)
    (BTW, income for buildings you have built is printed on your player board. Easier than trying to find and count your buildings on the board each time you take income.)

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    Did becca cheat at 41:21 or am I just tripping?

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